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"Quality Cuteness"

Current & Upcoming Pups



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Latest Update:  We continue to breed some of the most beautiful pups in the business and 2022 will be no different!  Our family effort enables us to focus on providing Quality Cuteness in every pup.  Take a look at our "Moms & Dads" page under the "More" button above and see how beautiful the Moms & Dads are...and imagine how beautiful their pups always are!


For the most up-to-date pictures of available puppies, please visit us on Facebook.  There is a feed below that is synced with pictures from our Facebook page every 24-hours, but visiting Facebook is always the best way to ensure access to real-time and up-to-date pictures.          

Click the "More" button on the menu above to access the Purchase Agreement and pricing information.  Please reach out through the Contact Us form, or you can call, email, or send a Facebook message for more information.  Click Here for our Facebook page.

Be prepared for QUALITY CUTENESS with these puppies!

*Please click here for most up-to-date pictures of puppies on Facebook.

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