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"Quality Cuteness"

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When we say "Quality Cuteness"... that is exactly what we mean!  Just look at a few of the cute puppies below that we've been blessed to have at High Desert Schnauzers.  We typically have a beautiful array of coat and eye colors in our puppies, but what really makes them cute is the sweet personality that is common among this breed!  Check out the Current & Upcoming Pups link in the menu to see puppies that are available!  

toy schnauzer with blue eyes
teacup schnauzer puppy laying down
liver miniature schnauzer puppy with blue eyes
parti schnauzer posing on porch
white schnauzer laying down
liver toy schnauzer puppy on christmas
liver toy miniature schnauzer puppy standing for first time
liver miniature schnauzer puppy with ears up
black toy schnauzer puppy laying on porch
miniature schnauzer puppy litter together on floor
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